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Staten Island Criminal Defense Attorney Cody Warner helps defendants face their criminal charges across the New York City metropolitan area, including Staten Island. His experience, combined with his knowledge of the local court systems and judges, helps him provide legal representation to his clients that is focused on obtaining the best possible result. If you have been charged with a crime in Staten Island, contact Cody, to schedule a free consultation.

About Staten Island

Only 30 minutes from Manhattan, Staten Island is located in the southwest part of the New York City area. It is the least populated of New York City’s five boroughs, home to 500,000 New Yorkers. Staten Island consists mostly of residential areas, with the North Shore neighborhoods of St. George, Clifton, Tompkinsville, and Stapleton as its most urban areas. 

Staten Island has been described as “urban-suburban” and most residents own their homes. With comparatively inexpensive housing prices, Staten Island is where many families and young professionals have chosen to live. Despite being the City’s least well-known borough, Staten Island boasts a rich history with more colonial buildings than anywhere else in the city. Attractions include Historic Richmond Town and Fort Wadsworth. Residents also enjoy the Staten Island Zoo, the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, the Staten Island Children’s Museum, and the Staten Island Botanical Garden.

Staten Island Crime Data

Being the least populated borough in New York City means there are fewer crimes committed in Staten Island compared to the other boroughs. Nonetheless, major crimes are committed in Staten Island, and the crime data for 2021 compiled by the New York City Police Department reveals the following:

  • 15 murder cases
  • 49 rape cases
  • 206 robbery cases
  • 597 assault cases
  • 233 burglary cases
  • 1,154 cases of theft
  • 283 grand theft auto cases

The year-to-date statistics for 2022 show the following increases and declines in common types of criminal activity on Staten Island: 

  • Murder has declined by 71.4%
  • Rape has declined by 41.7%
  • Robbery has increased by 19.8%
  • Assault has increased by 28.1%
  • Burglary has declined by 3.8% 
  • Theft has increased by 34.2%
  • Grand theft auto has increased by 120.2%
  • Petty theft has increased by 47.3%
  • Misdemeanor assault has increased by 36.2%
  • “Other” sex crimes have increased by 26.2%

After an arrest in Staten Island, you should contact a Staten Island Criminal Defense lawyer so that you can understand your options. Staten Island Criminal Defense Attorney Cody Warner can explain the charges you are facing and develop a strategic defense for your case. 

Should I Speak with the Police and the Prosecutor After an Arrest in Staten Island?

The police or the prosecutor may suggest that you will face less severe penalties if you “cooperate” with them, which may mean providing statements, signing paperwork, and/or answering their questions. While this may be true, more often than not, defendants unintentionally incriminate themselves when speaking with the NYPD. 

The burden of proof in a criminal case lies with the prosecution, which means they must have evidence proving you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt – the highest standard of proof in our legal system. The fact that you have been charged does not necessarily mean that the prosecution has sufficient evidence to prove their case. Charges are routinely filed that are based on statements from unreliable witnesses or evidence that is easily disputed when working with a criminal defense attorney. 

For those who have not yet been charged, “cooperating” (or speaking freely) with the police is very risky. Police officers are trained at eliciting information from suspects that will help them pursue charges. Even seemingly harmless questions can be highly problematic as your case develops. For example, during a DUI stop, officers routinely ask where you are coming from. If you answer “I’m coming from a retirement party,” the police may later use the fact that you were at a party to justify your arrest. 

The best course of action is to never discuss your case with the police or prosecutors without a Staten Island criminal defense attorney. An attorney like Cody will provide invaluable guidance in dealing with the police and prosecutors so that you don’t inadvertently make a bad situation worse. 

Staten Island Criminal Defense Lawyer Cody Warner Outlines Your Potential Penalties

After being arrested, one of the first things defendants want to understand is the potential penalties they are facing if they are convicted. Unfortunately, the penalties are rarely clear to the average person. Some offenses carry a potential range of penalties that can include minimum and maximum sentences. There may also be aggravating or mitigating circumstances surrounding your charge, such as whether this is your first offense or whether you committed a felony with the use of a firearm. A Staten Island criminal defense attorney can explain the penalties you can expect, both in terms of the maximum penalty as well as what you can expect the judge to impose at sentencing. 

The penalties you face are organized by the seriousness of your charge: 

  • Class B misdemeanor: Up to 90 days in jail
  • Class A misdemeanor: Up to 1 year in jail
  • Unclassified misdemeanor: Up to 1 year in jail
  • Class E felony: Up to 4 years in prison
  • Class D felony: Up to 7 years in prison
  • Class C felony: Up to 15 years in prison
  • Class B felony: Up to 25 years in prison
  • Class A-I and A-II felonies: Life in prison

In addition to incarceration, you may be ordered to pay fines and restitution. If you are able to avoid incarceration, you may be subject to probation, ordered to perform community service, or required to attend a drug or alcohol or similar treatment program. 

Lastly, you will have a criminal conviction on your record. Your conviction could limit your future opportunities in terms of employment and education. In addition, you could expect even harsher penalties if you are subsequently accused of an additional crime.   

How Do I Look Up My Court Case Information in Richmond County?

If you want to obtain records from a current or closed case, you can do so by making a request to the Clerk of the Court for the Richmond County Criminal Court or to the Richmond County Clerk. A criminal history record search will cost $95, but you should be aware that there may be other fees charged by the clerk’s office to obtain the records you are seeking. The clerk can help you, but be prepared to be able to identify the specific records you need or at least describe the information you are seeking. 

If you want to obtain basic information about a current case, such as your next court date, or which judge was presiding during any given court appearance, you can search for your case on WebCrims.

Unfortunately, locating court records isn’t always easy. Furthermore, the documents you are seeking, such as police or prosecution records, may not be kept in the court’s files. A Staten Island criminal defense attorney can help you obtain the records you need quickly and with minimal frustration. 

Staten Island Criminal Court Information

The Staten Island criminal court is formally referred to as Richmond County Criminal Court. It is located at 26 Central Avenue, Staten Island, New York 10301. The contact information for the court is as follows:

  • Main Number: (718) 675-8558
  • Central Booking: (718) 876-8493
  • Arraignment Clerk: (718) 390-8400

Ensure that you review the paperwork you received from the court for the date and time that you are required to appear. Failing to appear on time can lead to additional trouble, even if you are just late. As a result, give yourself additional time for traffic, parking, and security so that you are present when your case is called. 

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