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Queens Criminal Defense Attorney Cody Warner represents New Yorkers in all five boroughs of New York City, including Queens. He uses his knowledge of the New York City criminal justice system to help his clients get great results. 

Queens Criminal Court Defense Attorney Discusses Your Next Steps After an Arrest 

If you are reading this after getting out of jail, what you do in the next few hours or days will be critical for your case. Here are the tips that Cody gives his clients to get their cases headed in the right direction: 

  • Call a Queens criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you hire a lawyer of your choice, the sooner they can begin building your defense. Your most valuable asset is time, and the more time that you can devote to preparing your case, the better your chances of securing a favorable outcome. Make sure you put your lawyer’s contact information into your phone, and keep your lawyer’s business card in your wallet so that it is always on you. 
  • Write down what happened. Take some time to make detailed notes about the incident, your arrest, and the time you spent in jail. You want to provide as much detail as possible, including the date, time, and names of any witnesses or other people involved, including police officers. Also, be sure to include the physical descriptions of anyone who may have been involved in case you misheard their names. Do not share this information with anyone but your lawyer.
  • Refrain from posting on social media. Anything you put on social media can be used against you. Even seemingly harmless posts can be used to cast doubt on your version of events. Rather than worry about what impact it may have on your case, it is better not to post anything at all. 
  • Do not discuss your case with anyone but your lawyer. Anyone you talk to about your case becomes a potential witness, whereas anything you say to a lawyer is protected by attorney-client privilege. Also, do not discuss your conversations with your lawyer with anyone else, as this may constitute a waiver of the attorney-client privilege. Once waived, it opens the door for the prosecution to get information they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. 
  • Do not contact witnesses. Any attempt to communicate with witnesses may be construed by the prosecution as an attempt to influence their testimony. 
  • Stay out of trouble. Getting rearrested can jeopardize potential plea agreements and enhance the potential penalties you face. As a result, do not associate with anyone who is inclined to break the law and avoid situations where, if caught, you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you have been charged with a crime, a Queens criminal defense lawyer can assess your case to develop a strategic defense.

Queens Criminal Court Crime Statisics

With so many people, Queens sees its fair share of crime. The New York City Police Department has divided Queens into two sections for purposes of tracking crime statistics, Queens North and Queens South. Although comprehensive crime statistics are not yet available for 2023, we do know the total statistics for 2022.

Crime in Queens North

In 2022, the following crimes were reported in Queens North: 

  • 27 cases of murder
  • 204 cases of rape
  • 1,867 cases of robbery
  • 2,479 cases of felony assault
  • 2,081 cases of burglary
  • 6,975 cases of grand larceny

Crimes in Queens South

For 2022, Queens South reported the following crimes: 

  • 55 cases of murder
  • 192 cases of rape
  • 1,452 cases of robbery
  • 2,667 cases of felony assault
  • 1,217 cases of burglary, a decrease of 7% over the last two years
  • 3,709 cases of grand larceny

Where is the Queens Criminal Court?

The Queens County Criminal Court and Summons Part is located near Hoover Avenue and 82nd Avenue at 125-01 Queens Boulevard in Kew Gardens. The District Attorney office is across the street from the courthouse.

How Do I Get to Queens Criminal Court?

If you are taking public transportation to Queens Criminal Court, you can take either bus or train:

  • Via train, take the E or F train to the Union Turnpike Station. Then it’s a short walk to the courthouse, just under half a mile. 
  • If you are traveling by bus, the Q60, Q37, Q74, and Q46 buses all have stops in Kew Gardens near 125-01 Queens Boulevard. 

Queens Criminal Court Contacts

If you need to call the court, the pertinent contact information should be included on the paperwork you received from the court. In case you do not have your paperwork handy, here are some numbers for your reference: 

  • General Information: 718-298-0792
  • Criminal Court Clerk’s Office: 718-298-0888
  • Summons Clerk’s Office: 718-298-0792
  • Supreme Court Chief Clerk: 718-298-1408
  • Arraignments: 718-298-0736
  • Central Booking: 718-268-4523
  • Fax number for Arraignments: 718-520-7251

Although Queens Criminal Court is open Monday through Sunday, staff is not always available to answer the phone. If you have questions about your case, a Queens criminal defense attorney can help. 

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