Criminal Defense in All 5 Boroughs

Having an attorney with knowledge of the local court system can be the difference between a fair outcome and going to jail. Cody Warner is a NYC criminal defense attorney who has extensive experience representing clients in New York City in cases ranging from minor misdemeanors to violent felonies. If you have been charged with a crime, Cody can help you.

Cody is available to represent clients in the following courts: 

Call (212) 627-3184 to speak to NYC criminal attorney Cody Warner to get help with your criminal charges. Let Cody help you navigate the criminal justice system to get the best results for your case.

What Happens When You Meet with a Criminal Defense Attorney?

The first thing Cody does when he meets with a client is make sure they thoroughly understand their case. He explains the charges you are facing, the potential consequences, and lays out what will happen moving forward. 

From there, he will begin researching your case, which includes carefully reviewing the facts, interviewing witnesses, evaluating the evidence the prosecution has against you and researching how the law will apply.

Cody will also discuss your options with you, primarily whether you should go to trial or attempt to negotiate a plea deal. You make the decisions, but he arms you with the knowledge you need to decide what’s right for you. Whether you want to proceed to trial or pursue other options, Cody will be at your side to make sure your case is properly handled. 

Cody understands how overwhelming it can be to be charged with a crime. He helps his clients manage their frustrations and fears by thoroughly explaining how their case is likely to proceed. He provides you with the guidance you need to understand your options.  

Choosing the Right Defense Attorney

Choosing the right lawyer is a very personal decision, and it is one of the most important decisions you will make in your case. You need a defense attorney who is trustworthy, transparent, and gets great results. When looking for an attorney, consider the following attributes: 

  • Someone with extensive experience representing people just like you in the place where you live (or were arrested).
  • A seasoned litigator with grit, tenacity, and a winning trial record.
  • A lawyer who is unafraid to pursue innovative or creative strategies.
  • Someone who believes that transparency is the foundation of the attorney-client relationship.

You should be selective as to who you hire as your lawyer – contact Cody to discuss whether he is the right lawyer for you.  

Protect Your Rights with a Phone Call to NYC Defense Lawyer Cody Warner

Facing criminal charges can be overwhelming. If you have been charged with a crime, call or email Cody to schedule a free consultation so that you can figure out the best path forward.