Like it never happened

Cody helped me get my warrant and record cleaned like it never happened. Such a great lawyer and communicator. Cleared my case up completely virtually. I live in Texas, and never had to go to NYC.


Amazing attorney!

Cody Warner was nothing short of an amazing attorney! He worked hard on my case and was always available. Every time I sent an email or made a call to him his response was immediate. He thoroughly answered every question I had. He used his knowledge and expertise to get my case dropped down to just an infraction. He actually cares about his clients. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone! So grateful to have him on my side during this trying time. I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney!


Cody Warner is a great Attorney

Getting Cody Warner assigned to my case was a blessing, he really does take his time to study every detail of the case to be able to defend his client, we had a positive outcome on my case when we took it to trial and we won the case thanks to Cody preparation, professionalism, and great attention To the case, I highly recommend Cody Warner as an attorney for your case


Call (212) 627-3184 to speak to NYC criminal attorney Cody Warner to get help with your criminal charges. Let Cody help you navigate the criminal justice system to get the best results for your case.

Cody Warner handled my case with dedication, diligence, and passion. He read, researched, and reviewed all details pertinent to preparing for my trial. Mr. Warner fought on my behalf as he knew me personally. Thank you, Cody Warner, wishing you all the best; abundance, blessings, laughter, love, and prosperity.~T.S.P.~


DUI- got me a traffic infraction instead

Mr. Warner did an amazing job handling my case from beginning to end. He responds quickly to Emails, explains every detail of the case, and expedited the issue quickly. I am forever grateful.


Outstanding, dynamic, competent Criminal Defense Attorney who safeguards your interests.

The plea offered by the DA was reduced thrice because of the very persistent efforts of Cody Warner Esq who made every effort to secure the best possible deal for me and got it. He was very prompt, accurate, and fully informed about my questions by email and in person. He was fully conversant with the laws of the case and their implications. He was competent, committed, friendly, patient, and willing to take the time to be thoroughly involved in the case. He is honest, upright, sincere, and safeguarded our interests throughout.


Literally one of the best of the best. No matter how busy his schedule may be he is very communicative & on point & on time. Always prepared. He also gives the best advice & takes in all options that’s gonna fit you & your situation needs. He is definitely 10/10 highly recommend.


Cody was able to help me with a difficult situation and walked me through step by step as he worked to get the charges dismissed, which he successfully did. Very highly recommended!


Mr. Cody Warner has helped me get my case dismissed. His professionalism and dedication to provide the best representation is something that I will always be grateful for. He is a lawyer that communicate with you, and provide you all the information you need to make the best decision. Thanks for everything.