Sat 23 Dec, 2023 Police Misconduct

Can the Police Knock You off a Bike?

If the police knocked you off a bike, your rights may have been violated. Ultimately, whether your rights were violated comes down to the specific facts of your case and the reasonableness of the officer’s conduct.

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The Elements of Excessive Force

When the police knock a person off a bike, the potential legal claim is called “excessive force” under the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Excessive force occurs when the police use force that was not reasonable under the circumstances.

When assessing excessive force claims, the court considers:

  • Whether the police were stopping a person for a crime and the severity of the crime
  • Whether the person posed an immediate threat; and
  • Whether the suspect resisted arrest or attempted to evade arrest.

Some Examples

Ultimately, the success of an excessive force claim against the police for knocking you off a bike depends on the facts.

For instance, if the police received a 911 call that someone matching your description had just robbed someone and then left on a bike, then they would arguably be justified in knocking you off your bike you as you fled the crime scene.

On the other hand, let’s say you were riding a bicycle down a pedestrian path. An officer tackles you from the side, and you fly off the bike. The offense you had committed was minor, and the officer gave you no order to stop before tackling you and potentially causing you significant physical injury. In this situation, the officer may have arguably used excessive force, and you could have a strong claim against the police for your trauma and injuries.

Need Help?

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